You sound like you’re from London…

Just a quick Post here. I’m sure many of my friends and family have seen what I’ve been up to through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I just wanted to write a little blurb while actually on my vacation. So far things have been going pretty smoothly. I’ve made all my flights, made all my excursions, and been having a great time through it all. I’ve seen some amazing scenery in Iceland, from mountain tops to hot springs and some historical landmarks in London, Big Ben and The London Eye. I even got to see one of the “Ancient Wonders of the World”, Stonehenge. I have many more posts coming soon, when I get back from this busy vacation. Lots of stories and pictures to write and edit. Anywho…. I’m pulling up to the Harry Potter Studio to visit and see what all went into making that franchise so popular. Hope everyone has a great day and you will be hearing from me soon. So stay tuned!

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