A Quick Introduction

Being my first blog post, I believe an introduction is in order. So, hello, my name is Justin! I am currently 29 years old and work as a music therapist in Missouri helping children with special needs. It’s a pretty amazing career and most days work doesn’t feel like work at all. I honestly have it pretty good. Working in a school setting is great. I have good hours and more importantly I still get a summer,spring, and winter break allowing me to travel, and hopefully help a few others do the same.


Things I want to explore in this blog…

  • My experiences traveling
  • How to travel on a budget
  • Tips on how to accomplish your travel goals
  • Where you can go
  • Where to visit once your there
  • So much more…


If any of this sounds interesting to you please keep up to date with my blog and follow me on social media. Also if yo have any questions or ideas for a post please feel free to comment or let me know.  I hope you get to travel soon and I will let you know the next place Justin Visits!

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